About Me

Hey lovelies,

My name is Alice and I'm 21 years of age. I have a love of anything beauty, life, fashion related, and I really hope that you will see that through my posts.

I've been looking through both Bloggers posts and Youtubers videos for what is probably years now, always thinking 'I'd love to do that...it looks quite fun', until finally on Monday 7th of July 2014, my blog was born, and although we are only on Sunday 20th July right now, I already feel like this could fast become my baby. After hard, stressful days at work, this is reassuringly nice to just come back to, just to take that sometimes needed time out, to sit back with my cuppa' tea in hand, whilst feeling all comfy in my Pjs, and to just write about whatever I may be feeling on that particular day.

I hope that you enjoy reading through the posts that I've already put up, and that you continue to enjoy the ones which I shall carry on to post :)


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