Monday, 6 October 2014

Rimmel Apoclalip Lip Velvets

Hey lovelies!

Today I thought that I'd have a natter to you about the Rimmel Apocalip Lip Velvets which I first showed via this haul post but also via this YouTube video. I loved, and still love the originals so much so that at first I was a bit sceptical about picking up some of these newer formula ones to give a go, so let me tell you what I think.

Rimmel Apocalip Matte Lip Velvets (the swatches)          Left - Meteoric Matte  
     Right - Burning Lava

Above - Showcasing the deeper shade of the two, Meteoric Matte
Below - Burning Lava

I think that these are nice. They have a very soft velvety finish on application and the pigmentation is incredible, so incredible that you really should use either a lip pencil for these, or you could just grab a little tincy tiny bit of the product using a lip brush, you cannot, I repeat, you cannot apply these straight from the applicator in a rush, and if you can - well you're just a bit cray! They definitely need a bit of time and patience, once you've got them on however, the staying power is amazing but you will find that they feel a bit odd, almost powdery, drying and perhaps a little flaky feeling although they don't actually look it, perhaps a little balm both before hand and afterwards could help with this, I just feel a bit unsure about these products to be completely honest with you, but I love the new matte packaging and I think that the shades are utterly gorgeous.

Have you tried these new matte formulas?
If so, what did you think of them??

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  1. I love how pigmented these are and they look stunning on you!! such gorgeous shades xx

  2. I haven't tried either formula, but they look stunning! X

  3. Omg the color is stunning! I haven't tried the lip velvet but I have a bright color in their original formula.

    Would love if you check out my blog. Followed you on twitter and instagram!
    Raincouver Beauty

  4. I've picked up a few of these from my local poudland! I love the colours Xx

  5. Such a pretty colour is this :) You are really pretty.