Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Day Out at the Cove

For the past week my dad has been in Cornwall visiting, it's been so great to see his face, and has obviously resulted in us eating out to say the least, a fair few times! During his stay him, myself and my blokey all went for an early evening drive to a beautiful place called Mullion Cove. Once all of the sight seeing, photo taking, and general sitting looking out to sea was done with, we decided to pop into a near by pub for a meal, on first impressions we were quite unsure of the quality of food which we may receive, it was very dark, loud, busy, seemed like a very 'locals' sort of pub. Saying that though the food turned out to be absolutely delicious, I went for the Salmon with Pesto Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables, and we even stayed for a bit of pud, where I followed my main up with a small plate of waffles (which I am addicted to right now)!! with both toffee and chocolate sauce, mmm!

These are just a few pictures from our lovely evening, I hope you've enjoyed looking through! 

I do have a couple of posts in mind for the near future, but if you have any requests at all, please do feel free to leave them down below and I will do my very best to sort them out :) 



  1. this place is amagic! wooow! gotta go there one day1 :)


    1. Yess do it, thank you so much for your comment lovely xx