Monday, 1 September 2014

New Favourite for the Eyes?!

Hey lovelies;

So, a week or two ago now, I went on a little shopping trip with a friend, surprisingly I ended up walking away from the counters in Boots empty handed. Laura however bought a couple of lovely bits from the Estee Lauder stand, where she was then given the choice of a free lipstick or mascara, she chose mascara, and to my delight, she handed the little wrapped up package of goodness to me, as she already had a sample of this in her make-up stash (yes she is an Estee Lauder junkie)!

As I say, I've had a nice amount of time to try out the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara, it's believe it or not the very first high end mascara that I've ever had the pleasure of trying, I'm well and truly in love. It gives the lashes so much length, with I'd say a fair bit of volume. In the photos above I am wearing three thin layerings, I think it looks lovely, it keeps the lashes nice and separated, as you can see, I have not even a tiny hint of clump, and best of all, it stays put all day long, even running around work during this busy recent period, feeling all sweaty (lovely I know) I've managed to go home at the end of each day without the effect of the very dreaded panda eyes, 

This mascara has such a big thumbs up from me, and I will definitely be purchasing the full size when it runs runs out, you can purchase it here.

Have you tried this mascara? If so, what do/did you think?

Also feel free to leave any post suggestions in the comments below, and I will be sure to crack on with them!



  1. Your eyelashes look so incredible here, also I've tagged you to do a post, check it out xx

    1. Thank you lovely, and I shall be sure to check it out :)


  2. Ooh the volume is insane! How many coats did you apply? I'll definitely have to take a look at it next time I'm at the Estee Lauder counter :) xoxo

    1. It was two coats, so not too bad :-) I'd definitely recommend having a looksie, thank you for your comment xx