Thursday, 9 October 2014

Life Update

 Hey lovelies!!

I know that I have been quite absent from this little space lately, although this is only intended on being a hobby of mine - and that it is, I love planning, taking images for posts and then doing the relevant typing to go along with it, for me I find that it's just such a great way to sit back from everyday life, and write about what I really do love, I am sorry about my lack of activity, but I suppose that everyone needs a break sometimes and to be honest my life has had a couple of changes, I just thought that I'd write about it to get you up to scratch.

I got myself a new job, it's nothing massive or crazy, just as a waitress at a hotel restaurant, and so far I am genuinely loving every moment, but it's just amazing how changing from day time work, to then doing both mornings and evenings affects you.  I've been feeling so tired from it, coming home in the evenings feeling as though I need to eat the house out (not too sure whether I should really admit to that..) but I'm sure that its just a matter of time before it just becomes routine for me.  Its tiring being either out of routine, or getting used to a new one.  On top of that I'm currently very close to being able to take on a driving theory test along with the actual driving driving test, so I've been going out in my own car as much as possible with my mum to grab myself as much practice as I can, as well as revising lots both online and via the official interactive DVD.

So when I've had time to myself to simply chill, I've just been enjoying it, meeting up with friends, days out in town shopping, having DVD nights snuggling up on the sofa underneath a blanket with my leopard print onesie on, and going for walks, just normal everyday stuff really, in fact I took images using my mobile phone, of one of the beach walks that I went on the other week, which you can see below.  It was absolutely beautiful.

Have you been up to anything lately?
If so, I'd love to hear all about it :)


Monday, 6 October 2014

Rimmel Apoclalip Lip Velvets

Hey lovelies!

Today I thought that I'd have a natter to you about the Rimmel Apocalip Lip Velvets which I first showed via this haul post but also via this YouTube video. I loved, and still love the originals so much so that at first I was a bit sceptical about picking up some of these newer formula ones to give a go, so let me tell you what I think.

Rimmel Apocalip Matte Lip Velvets (the swatches)          Left - Meteoric Matte  
     Right - Burning Lava

Above - Showcasing the deeper shade of the two, Meteoric Matte
Below - Burning Lava

I think that these are nice. They have a very soft velvety finish on application and the pigmentation is incredible, so incredible that you really should use either a lip pencil for these, or you could just grab a little tincy tiny bit of the product using a lip brush, you cannot, I repeat, you cannot apply these straight from the applicator in a rush, and if you can - well you're just a bit cray! They definitely need a bit of time and patience, once you've got them on however, the staying power is amazing but you will find that they feel a bit odd, almost powdery, drying and perhaps a little flaky feeling although they don't actually look it, perhaps a little balm both before hand and afterwards could help with this, I just feel a bit unsure about these products to be completely honest with you, but I love the new matte packaging and I think that the shades are utterly gorgeous.

Have you tried these new matte formulas?
If so, what did you think of them??

Be sure to let me know down below if you have any requests for future posts


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets

So a couple of days ago I shared with you via this post, and my brand new Youtube channel, the small handful of products which I'd ordered from Boots online. Within the mix were two of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets. I have one word for these. Amazing.

So gals and guys, lets get into it!

Left : Grand Cru, Right : Personne ne Rouge    (please excuse the disgusting looking hands, darn camera)!

As you can see in the photograph above, the darker shade of the two really didn't swatch very well, for a first impression it just seemed so so sheer and if I'm honest perhaps a little blotchy, I definitely held a lot more hope for the lighter/brighter of the two. Saying that though, just you wait until you see the lip swatches down below, they tell a completely different story!

Above I am showcasing the lighter shade of the two which I picked up, Personne ne Rouge (my personal favourite).
Below, in the shade Grand Cru.

Despite the hand swatches which I've shown above for these two lip products, these apply absolutely beautifully to the lips.  Although they appeared sheer, and the darker of the two seemed blotchy via swatches, they do not apply to the lips in that way at all..  well they do apply just a little sheer, but as a whole they show up as a lovely block of colour, which is fo' sure build-able - if that makes any sense?!

I actually like to take the applicator out of the packaging, scrape off any access back onto the nib of the tube and apply that way, I will normally repeat this around 3 times, each time with the colour appearing noticeably bolder and true to what you would think it to be, I have also found that this helps in a way of 'sealing the deal' each thin layer securing the layer below.

If you were to watch someone apply one of these to their lips you'd think that it looks like any old normal liquid gloss, but its what you actually feel which makes this product so different, so unique, so..yes I'm saying it, great. I am not even lying when I say this, but it actually feels like you're coating your lips with a layer of some sort of liquid - gloss - velvet hybrid goodness, it just feels amazing on the lips, but keep in mind that it does soon dry out to a matte formula (as you can see in the images above) it is slightly drying, but its nothing that a small coating of balm can't handle. I also find the staying power to be impeccable.

I would definitely recommend these to anyone who may be after a matte formula liquid lipstick, I think that they are great, and for a retail price of £8.99 you can't possibly go wrong, I will definitely be purchasing a few more shades - eeeekkkk!

If you have any more questions about these products or perhaps a request for a future post, please do let me know in the comments down below.